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Someone out there doesn’t like me…

Back at Easter-time when everyone else recieved loan renewal forms, mine did not arrive. I attempted to apply online instead, which didn’t work out as I’d never recieved my login details. I phoned up again and was told I would recieve my login details through the post within a week.

Two weeks later, no login details arrived, so I printed off the paper version, filled it in, checked very carefully, and sent it in a week or so after the deadline. No problem, I was assured, “you’ll still get your loan on time”.

Fast forward a month or so, I re-request my login details so that I can check the progress of my loan online. The login details arrive, I login, my application has been accepted, job done.

Now that term has started, I realise that my loan has not materialised. After phoning them, I recieve an array of reasons why this is the case, including that I didn’t even apply for it, I didn’t sign the loan request form, I made a mistake on the application form but they can’t tell me what the mistake is, …. If I did make a mistake, how nice of them to tell me. And why does it say application accepted on the website?

I’ve sent in another renewal form, and depending who answers the phone, I either will get my loan within a few weeks from now, or I won’t get it at all for this term. Useless.

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  1. Simon Farnsworth Says:

    The computer system at the Student Loans Company is borked beyond belief. I found that if you want anything that’s not on its linear list of problem/solutions dealt with, you end up stuck. Fortunately, my local MP (Edward Davey) was helpful, and prodded the right people for me (two years running!) to get them to work around the system.

  2. luke Says:

    You think they don’t like you now? See how you feel when you try to pay them back…
    I’ve spent ten years paying mine off, in tiny dribs and drabs, occasionally being out of contact but never worrying too much because I was very low income and there was little or no interest.
    Finally, this year, I had the means to pay the whole thing off. It was at about seven hundred pounds. I contacted them in May to say that I thought I would be receiving enough money to pay in September (I inherited a couple of grand and decided to use some of it to get the S Loans Co off my back for once and for all.
    The money took a while coming through, I went away in September was very proeccupied with a film project before then: when I came back, I had the money and contacted the Company again. Only to find that they had added twenty pounds of charges because my (very provisional) “Promise to pay” in September hadn’t been honoured.
    So I said okay, never mind, twenty quid doesn’t change much, let me pay it all off now.
    I live in France. I’d left half the money in a building society account in the UK to pay the loan off with a direct debit – since they have no arrangements for direct debits from foreign banks.
    But no – the old building soc. account I’d used doesn’t DO direct debits. So I decided to pay using my credit card from my French account. I gave them the details and waited a few days for the letter saying I’d paid everything.
    Instead I got a phone call, saying the payment hadn’t gone through. And so another twenty pounds of charges had been made.
    I desperately wanted just to pay the thing off, so I gave them my details again and contacted my French bank two days later (after the weekend) to ask them to make sure this “inhabitual payment “went through. But I’d completely forgotten that the credit card I use doesn’t allow payments above a certain amount. So the payment was refused again. More charges. They’ve sent me a letter too – all this despite the fact that I’ve been regularly in contact with them for several weeks, trying to pay the thing off. The result is that, today, instead off owing the 8OO pounds I owed in September (with the various charges that had accrued over the years when I’d missed payments – kind of inevitable when there is no direct debit arrangement and you are completely skint and tend to forget that at the end of each month you have to telephone them and pay by credit card), I now owe over a thousand: I don’t know HOW it got to that, but that’s what they told me on the phone yesterday.
    so I was actually better off when I was paying measly amounts more or less when I felt like it, than now, when I have been trying to make concrete arrangements to pay the whole thing.
    Does anybody know how I can contest their charges, living as I do in a foreign country and thus not having recourse to an MP, Citizen’s Advice etc.??

  3. Family Finance Weblog Says:

    Personal Finance. Information on student loans excluded from credit histories

    These days, if you apply for any form of loan or credit, the finance industry will inevitably scrutinise your credit history. You’ll hardly have to tell them anything as within a fraction of a second, their computers will lock into your credit file …

  4. Lewis Says:

    I didn’t receive a renewal form either! And I’ve only just realised I have to apply again – one month later! :/ I’m phoning them up now. I hope they give me the money or I’m buggered!

  5. violet Says:

    For two years the Student Loan Co. sent me nothing , no deferement forms no contact what so ever , now Credit Solutions are making my life a misery , even though it took them 8 weeks to send me a deferement form , they expect it to be returned to them a.s.a.p!!!

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