C I AM 19

Birthday today!

Last night me and some friends went into London to PSP:Anywhere which featured a load of groups/DJ’s we’d never heard of, but most importantly King Biscuit Time – Steve Mason’s solo act. Steve Mason was the lead singer of The Beta Band, one of my favourite groups, who recently split up :( KBT’s new stuff sounds good and seems to feature the beta magic, can’t wait for the album.

Tonight I’m going out for a meal with some friends and then we’ll be hitting the pubs. Should be a good one…

4 Responses to “C I AM 19”

  1. George Prowse Says:

    Happy Birthday mate!!! good to see you’re not an old git like me!

    Anyway, now you’re 19 i’m going to have to get you another cigar… A Montecristo No2 I think; much softer than the Santa Dominica.

    Anyway, enjoy yourself, just 364 days until you’re 20!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sktrdie Says:

    happy birthday man

  3. Tester Says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. Peter Says:

    Happy Birthday, dsd!! :D

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