I’m looking forward to going out to Stuttgart for GUADEC this weekend. I’m flying out Friday afternoon, immediately after an exam. I’m staying in the youth hostel. If you’re out there, make sure you say hi, but remember that unfortunately I won’t be at the Monday night social (or any of Tuesday) — I have to fly back Monday evening to sit my final exam on Tuesday :(
Here’s a mugshot:

I’m planning on doing a Lightning Session on FlashLinux if time allows, and the developer approves.

4 Responses to “GUADEC 2005”

  1. Chewi Says:

    Damn man, I think you’ve shaved about 5 years off there.

  2. dsd Says:

    Hah, isn’t *that* bad is it? :)

  3. Chewi Says:

    Don’t worry, it’s probably the light more than anything else. (-;

  4. Steve Berryman Says:

    Nah it is that bad.

    But what am i saying? i look like im 12…

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