Closing inactive bugs

I just did my regular run over all the bugs and ended up closing about 10 of them because we’d asked for some more info, or for the reporter to test a newer kernel, but the user had not responded given a few weeks to do so.

Do other package maintainers see this kind of thing happening much? I don’t like to close bugs knowing that its quite likely that they still exist, but if they are left open they wouldn’t go anywhere either. I’d guess that testing a newer kernel is considerably more effort than trying a different version of most other packages, but I’d be interested to know if this pattern is repeated over the other areas of Gentoo, and how those maintainers deal with it.

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  1. Ferdy Says:

    Happens so often on net-mail. I normally RESOLVED->NEED-INFO if there is a month or two since we asked for more info.


  2. Seemant Says:

    This has been happening since forever. In one case, one of my regular bug submitters was so great at providing fixes. Then all of a sudden, no more info. I tracked him down via email only to find out he’d switched to FreeBSD and wasn’t interested in linux any longer. So a year old bug that I couldn’t reproduce (and nobody else could be bothered because it was a rarely used package) got closed as INVALID. But yes, this sort of thing happens all the time.

    Sometimes you do get the nice surprise of an intelligent user finding the old unresolved, reopening and providing you with updated feedback, so that the bug (both the bug itself, and the report) can be finally resolved properly.

  3. R. Hill Says:

    this subject has just come up over at Mozilla as well. you might find this interesting:

  4. rizzo Says:

    Yes I’ve started doing this with gaim bugs. I either resolve NEEDINFO or TESTREQUEST if I ask the user to try something and report back and haven’t heard in a week. The user has the ability to re-open when they do get back. so I have no problem with doing it. It usually wakes them up in the first place.

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